If someone calls in and you begin filling out ResponsiBid with their information only to find out that you are going to need to send someone there to finish the bid, just put in as much information as you can get and then click one of the green buttons that says “Visit for Bid”


Don’t worry, ResponsiBid won’t let you schedule the bid until you have an address to get to it.

Once you have entered in the minimum information needed to get a bid you can click the green button.

Ninja tip: The more information you collect at this point the better. It’s really handy for the person out in the field to know more information before talking to the customer… but it also means that much less information they will have to enter with their mobile device.


Once you click the button a scheduler will appear for you to tell ResponsiBid when you are going out to do the bid. This is important because of 2 reasons:

1. You have a default status in your follow-up builder that will confirm an appointment with the customer before you go out or let them know anything you think is applicable.

2. It also will rack them up on the dashboard under the appropriate status so that the person doing the bid can easily find who they have bids for any given day.

If you have integrated your Google Calendar, you will be given additional scheduling fields to fill out so that it can appear on your Google Calendar.