Video notes:

See how to work with modules:

  1. Understand the differences between active and inactive modules – How to turn modules off and on.
  2. Understand the differences between a module and a bidding style – Some modules have multiple bidding styles.
  3. Learn how to change a module name.

Setup a module bidding style: Step 1

  1. Learn how to change the name of a bidding style.
  2. See how to setup a package value proposition.
  3. Learn how to charge an hourly rate so that you can bid by time instead of by dollars if you want.
  4. Learn how to disable packages, or just sell individual items instead of package items.

Setup a module question area: Step 2

  1. See a good example of a bid that uses many different question types.
  2. NOT COVERED in video:  You can disable any questions that you’d rather not ask by clicking the disable button in the item’s header bar. This will completely remove it from use in the module.
  3. Warning on why it could be dangerous to rename something in this area to get a different meaning and affect bids that have been done in the past.
  4. Lean how to use a question that uses “measurements”.
  5. Learn how to use a question that uses “How Many” type.
  6. Learn how to use a question that asks for a description.
  7. Learn how to setup an item that is for a fixed base price.
  8. Learn how to use a question that deals with a yes/no answer.

Setup a module pricing area: Step 3

  1. Learn the differences between the “base price” area, and the “fine tuning” area.
  2. See how you could charge in terms of dollars, or in terms of hours.
  3. Understand what the upcharge, discount, ignore, or bid in person inputs are used for.
  4. See how the pricing interacts with the questions setup in step 3.
  5. See how to charge a percentage of the base price by using % in the pricing input.

Setup a module final details area: Step 4

  1. Understand how you can set minimums for a job, area, or house size.
  2. Learn how you can set minimums for different aspects of a job.
  3. See how you can give discounts for higher volume jobs.
  4. Learn how you can put in your specific disclaimers and how you can customize them.

NEXT: See how to test your module once you’ve set it all up