Here is a sample script to help you get some ideas on writing your own script for your video to show as the customer puts themselves through the bidding process:

Sample Template:

Hi! My name is [FIRST NAME] and I am the [COMPANY POSITION] here at [COMPANY NAME] and I’m happy to explain our instant bid process to you! We are delighted to give you access to the same bidding tool that our technicians use out in the field when giving quotes.  One of the things that sets [COMPANY NAME] apart from our local counterparts is that we have designed our entire process to be geared toward giving the customer what they want, when they want it, while always communicating so that you’ll always understand where we’re at in the entire process. If you’d rather talk to us in the office than use this bidding tool, you could simply call us at: [COMPANY PHONE NUMBER] and we can work through the process over the phone or on site if that is more convenient for you.

As you go through this process you will be asked for the information that we need to build you an accurate proposal. Don’t worry if you aren’t exactly sure about the right answer. Just give you best effort and this bidding software will give you a price based on the information you provide. We will be able to edit your responses later and clarify your responses with you over the phone or on the job site as needed.

We hope you enjoy using this tool that we make available for your convenience, and we look forward to showing you all about how we’ve made our entire customer service process geared toward providing you with the best possible experience you could possibly have.