Here is a sample script to help you get some ideas on writing your own script for your video to show at the beginning of every proposal:

Sample Template:

Congratulations on getting a quote for our services. My name is [FIRST NAME] and I am the [COMPANY POSITION] here at [COMPANY NAME]. You’ll notice as you look at your proposal below that you can scroll down to see that we offer packages for each of the individualized services that you asked for a quote on. We have priced each service out individually so that you can see the level of quality that each one offers, but feel free to select a package from each service in whatever way it applies best to you.

Keep in mind that our company is quite unique in that we [UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION] and this is something we take pride in… no matter which services you opt for us to perform. Very few companies can say that they offer this level of service on their best day, but we guarantee it on every job site… every day. We’ve been doing this for [NUMBER OF YEARS] and we have [HUNDREDS/THOUSANDS?] of satisfied customers that serve as an encouragement for us to keep going the extra mile in providing this extra personal touch no matter what!