In this video you will learn the hazards of changing the meaning of a leadsource, service area, or service factor.

You can change what it says, but you definitely don’t want to change what it means!

Sometimes you will want to go in and add something, and in the process, delete something else. You might be tempted to just change the item that you are about to delete into the new item… but if you do that, ResponsiBid will not know that you are simply changing the wording of the existing item… so all historical data collected using the original item will switch to the new item, and there will be no way to distinguish it.

The better way is to delete the item you don’t want any more (understanding that items that have used that item in the past may be affected), and then add the new item as a brand new item.

Here’s an example:

If a customer in the past said that they had 40 “double hung windows”, and you decide to go into the window cleaning module and change it to say “sliding windows”, you are going to be just fine. The customer in the past is essentially telling you that they have 40 of that window– and it’s just a different way to say the same thing. That’s why you have the ability to edit.

But imagine this nightmare:

You go in and change the image of the double hung window to a screen. And you call it a “screen”. Now your historical data is going to say that specific example customer now has 40 screens. And if you changed the pricing? You guessed it. Next time that bid recalculates… the pricing will be for a screen. Not good. So always be sure to never change what an item means. Delete and create new if necessary!