In this webinar we cover some best practices:

  1. Setting up email users/senders
  2. How to receive SMS messages from ResponsiBid as a user
  3. The 3 things you can do with each follow-up step
  4. Manually opting people in/out of follow-up
  5. Reconfiguring a scheduled job (restarting follow-up or not)
  6. Stopping follow-up for a customer
  7. Manually editing follow-up for a specific customer
  8. Making edits in the follow-up builder to affect all scheduled follow-up

… And some ninja tricks:

  1. The “3 person” conversation
  2. Making phone calls (don’t forget the notification emails) – the 4 golden questions– translated to follow-up
  3. Value explanations and “pulpit pounding”
  4. SMS while employees are on the job
  5. A status everyone should build
  6. How auto-flipping a statuses could be huge for you