Date: Wednesday 5/25/16 4pm Pacific Time

Webinar notes:

  1. We migrated you… Your pricing is the same, don’t need to fiddle — funniest part is that people who are just joining will find this system incredibly intuitive… it’s the users who are used to the old workflow are going to have to do a bit of mentally adjusting.
  2. Missing Proposal builder / Package builder / Pricing options
  3. This is just an “on-steroids” version of what you already had. There is nothing that you could do, that you can’t do now. Obviously new things scare people, but everyone who has taken time to understand this has been able to see how much simpler, more flexible, and more powerful it is.
  4. Infinite options (we no longer limit you) conditions
  5. Inactive/active modules
  6. Multiple bid styles within a Service
  7. Naming the service (alphabetical – for customer profile, smartform, lightbox, service area)
  8. Step 1 DEFINITION: Call your module the way you want to, and define your value propositions for that bidding style.
  9. Step 1: The nickname and description is what renders the title description in the smartform when more than one bidding style is active.
  10. Step 1: Package names – by module – you can have differnt package definitions within the same service with differnt bidding styles.
  11. Step1: Set hourly pricing
  12. Step 2 DEFINITION: What do I need to find out in order to price a job?
  13. Step 2: Choose from the entire image library & descriptions (descriptions do allow html)
  14. Step 2: BIG WARNING: Do not change the meaning of anything… it will have consequences.
  15. Step 2: Help video setup (youtube)
  16. Access / Describe options
  17. Measurements – Deck Cleaning
  18. Step 3 DEFINITION: How am I going to price each individual spec based on the given package?
  19. Window Cleaning: how many & yes/no
  20. Customer profile: Toggle on/off zero specs
  21. Customer profile: See how pricing is built (for your eyes only)
  22. Customer profile: Minimums & adjustments
  23. Step 4 DEFINITION: Set up your price floors, minimums, volume discounts, and fine print.
  24. Show minimums overriding & volume discounts.
  25. Demonstrate how that stuff looks once used.
  26. The help area
  27. Help videos in each module
  28. Q&A