Check out the video that gives you the fast-start method of getting your account up and running.

The suggested order of things to accomplish:

  1. Administrator
    • Setup your timezone
    • company name & info
    • Default start times and arrival windows for jobs
  2. Company Profile
    • Create company users
    • Upload company logo / headshot
    • Setup proposal success options
    • Set up generic proposal texts
    • How you’d like your notification emails to come
  3. Form Builder
    • Set which items need to be collected with every bid
    • Setup your house size and building size increments along with any price minimums
    • Setup all your service areas along with minimums and trip charges
    • Setup where your leads come from so that every bid can choose from your menu and track success
    • Put your Google analytics code in so you can use the “goals” feature in analytics to track conversion rates.
  4. Services
    • Make the modules active that you’d like to use for your company
    • Customize the terminology for each module
    • Setup the proposal value proposition(s) for each module
    • Customize the questions you ask to determine price
    • Customize the pricing based on specifications
    • Setup volume discounts, minimums, and disclaimers for each module
    • There is a help link at the bottom of the page for each module if you need specific help with any given module
  5. Follow-up
    • Set up your follow-up strategy
    • Customize the text of each email or SMS message
    • Create as many custom statuses as necessary to provide a “bucket” for each customer to fit in.
  6. Testing
    • Setup a test bid in the call screen that has each service in it to make sure the pricing is right
    • Play with the specs of each service to make sure it is behaving the way you like it
    • Open up each package to see how it was calculated
    • Add some custom items to make sure you know how to make up items to sell on the fly
  7. Connections
    • Connect to one of our available CRMs
  8. Call Screen
    • See how you can have ultimate power to fill out a bid as an administrator without every limitation that a customer on your website might have
  9. Installation
    • Install the smarform or lightbox onto your website once you have played with everything to get it bidding the way you like it.
    • Smartform = A form that moves a customer down the page to get a bid and fills up the content area of your webpage
    • Lightbox = Only takes up the space of a button or a link that once clicked, darkens the page to pop up a rectangular “lightbox” where the bid is completed one frame at a time.
  10. Help
    • Feel free to go to settings > Help 24/7 to get help by searching quickly and easily for articles just like this
    • Use the chat bubble at the bottom right of any page once logged in so that you can ask questions directly to our staff