Any bid before 4/22/2016 could possibly have been done using the old service module format.

We began converting “legacy bids” into the new, simpler format beginning on 4/22/16. The process our migration used was:

  1. Convert your packages, pricing, disclaimers & customized wording from the old setup process to the new module style.
  2. Recalculate each of your existing bids against the new format using your current pricing while saving any original specifications about the bid.
  3. Compare the newly calculated prices against the last calculated price in the old module.
  4. If the new price was different than the old price, the system added or subtracted a “Legacy Migration Adjustment” to make up the difference.

The difference in price (if any at all) will usually be attributed to a price change that the company had made between the time that the bid was last calculated and the time of the legacy module migration. If the legacy migration adjustment is inside of a “rough window cleaning” bid, this article also addresses one other reason that it might exist. In any situation, the reason that the adjustment was made was for only one reason: The calculated bid at the time of the migration was different than the prices quoted to the customer.

In many situations, if you are in the customer’s profile and you want to recalculate the bid it would make sense to remove the adjustment before recalculating. If you recalculate the bid with the adjustment there, hoping to bring the price into alignment with “today’s prices”, the adjustment would push the price up or down the exact amount of the adjustment away from the right price. In these cases it would make sense to delete that adjustment and save changes.