Company Setup

Proposal Scenario Controls

In this video you will be able to see: What you can do if you want a customer to be able to not confirm a bid without selecting any packages. How you can edit the labels for the scenario you like best. How to show or hide packages that are bid in the “bid in […]

Webinar: Get your CrewCal PHD

Notes from the webinar: How CrewCal thinks: PART 1 – CrewCal is not a calendar. It’s a calendar reader and understander. CrewCal is an intelligent scheduling assistant – Before you turn on CrewCal look at your connections and see what calendars you have given ResponsiBid access to – ResponsiBid (not CrewCal) writes to these. – […]

Customer Specific Videos, Optional Signature, and Availability Dates

With the new proposal layout, we have rolled out 3 new updates that will help you to utilize the power of the new proposal format. If you don’t want to force customers to sign the proposal in order to go pending, you don’t have to. The video shows how you can go about turning that […]

New Proposal Format

It’s here and it’s ready! Check out the video to see the following: The new layout with a card view of each package The new “additional information” area The way to navigate the proposal in it’s 3 new areas: Quote, Confirm, Schedule How a customer digitally signs their quote How a customer can see public […]

How the NiceJob Connection works

The NiceJob connection is almost too easy. Once you turn it on, there’s really nothing left for you to do, so here’s a run down of how the connection works: When a bid is completed (once the connection is turned on) a person is created in NiceJob. You will be able to add pictures or […]

Setting up a Jill’s Office user in your ResponsiBid Account

When you are setting up the user in your ResponsiBid account for Jill’s Office, you will want to follow the instructions in this video. Setup a new user in your account with an email address that YOUR COMPANY CONTROLS. Make sure you turn on the permissions in the Jill’s Office user necessary for Jill’s Office […]

Code Injection into The Smartform, Lightbox, & Proposal

In this video you will see how you can: See how to “hack” your smartform out of the regular ResponsiBid installation Create a standalone landing page by adding header and footer HTML into the form builder’s “code injection” Shorten a url of the hacked out form to make a prettier link Use the styling of […]

Connecting and Disconnecting Your Google Calendar

In this video we show you all the steps to authenticating (connecting) and authenticating (disconnecting) your Google calendar to ResponsiBid. On you can do this process as it requires you to be logged in to both your ResponsiBid account and your Google account at the same time. Check out how simple it is!

Customers can add services to their quotes

Customers can add services to their bids by selecting the option inside of their proposals. If you turn on the feature at Settings > Company Profile > Proposal Builder, then you can have a button in the proposal that allows a customer to add more services to their quote. A few things to note: You […]

The new and improved Jobber integration 2.0

As of 11/20/17 you will notice that you will no longer be locked out of jobs that you schedule into Jobber. The lockout was a really great way to make sure that when a job was scheduled that it didn’t get unexpected behavior as changes were made in one place and had unexpected changes where […]