Ninja Tricks

Allow customers to upload images from their proposal

In this video you will be able to see how to allow your customers to upload their own high-quality images into your ResponsiBid proposals! See how to turn on the functionality for the advanced image uploads (allow ResponsiBid to hold full-quality, unlimited images for your bids) at Settings > Company Profile > Billing Then turn […]

Customer Specific Videos, Optional Signature, and Availability Dates

With the new proposal layout, we have rolled out 3 new updates that will help you to utilize the power of the new proposal format. If you don’t want to force customers to sign the proposal in order to go pending, you don’t have to. The video shows how you can go about turning that […]

Setting up a Jill’s Office user in your ResponsiBid Account

When you are setting up the user in your ResponsiBid account for Jill’s Office, you will want to follow the instructions in this video. Setup a new user in your account with an email address that YOUR COMPANY CONTROLS. Make sure you turn on the permissions in the Jill’s Office user necessary for Jill’s Office […]

Code Injection into The Smartform, Lightbox, & Proposal

In this video you will see how you can: See how to “hack” your smartform out of the regular ResponsiBid installation Create a standalone landing page by adding header and footer HTML into the form builder’s “code injection” Shorten a url of the hacked out form to make a prettier link Use the styling of […]

Customers can add services to their quotes

Customers can add services to their bids by selecting the option inside of their proposals. If you turn on the feature at Settings > Company Profile > Proposal Builder, then you can have a button in the proposal that allows a customer to add more services to their quote. A few things to note: You […]

Jobber Connection With Custom Fields

If your Jobber account doesn’t create the custom fields for the “ResponsiBid customer profile links” or the “Referred By” custom fields by default after connecting to ResponsiBid, then you can use the tips in this video to make those fields for yourself! Once those fields exist, Jobber can then accept the leadsource and profile links […]

Auto-Upsell Your Customers using the Upsell feature in ResponsiBid

Have you wished that every person who gets any sort of a bid from you would be automatically upsold a service that you could easily add to every proposal? Now you can with the upsell feature inside of ResponsiBid. The video above walks you through a few things: Turning a module on to automatically sell […]

CrewCal Lead Times and First Job Scheduling

CrewCal will now allow you to have special rules that will keep customers from being able to schedule themselves too soon for your liking, and also will allow customers who live farther away to schedule themselves as long as they will be the first and only job of the day. This way you can have […]

CrewCal Ninja Tricks

This video will help you a few things: The relationship of CrewCal to your actual calendar (just reads it… not actually being your calendar) The relationship of CrewCal to your ResponsiBid account (gives the date/time/duration/crew back to ResponsiBid) How to allow for recurring appointments (must be done inside your scheduling software) How to block off […]