Proposal Customization

Customers can add services to their quotes

Customers can add services to their bids by selecting the option inside of their proposals. If you turn on the feature at Settings > Company Profile > Proposal Builder, then you can have a button in the proposal that allows a customer to add more services to their quote. A few things to note: You […]

Auto-Upsell Your Customers using the Upsell feature in ResponsiBid

Have you wished that every person who gets any sort of a bid from you would be automatically upsold a service that you could easily add to every proposal? Now you can with the upsell feature inside of ResponsiBid. The video above walks you through a few things: Turning a module on to automatically sell […]

How to allow commercial quotes from your website

In this video we show you the settings and things to pay attention to in your modules if you’d like to allow for commercial quotes to be allowed to be given via your website. ResponsiBid will allow you to set modules up so that you can limit quotes from being given to either residential customers […]

Video Sample Script: PACKAGE SALES VIDEO

Here is a sample script to help you get some ideas on writing your own script for your video to show as the customer is reviewing the packages for each specific service offering in your proposal: Sample Template: I see you got a quote for [SERVICE NAME]! That’s great. This is one of our signature […]


Here is a sample script to help you get some ideas on writing your own script for your video to show at the beginning of every proposal: Sample Template: Congratulations on getting a quote for our services. My name is [FIRST NAME] and I am the [COMPANY POSITION] here at [COMPANY NAME]. You’ll notice as […]

Using Videos in your Bids and Proposals

There are 4 types of videos you can integrate is video is one of the 4 kinds of video that you can place in your ResponsiBid bidding process: The “Introductory Sales Video” (Settings > Form Builder – Premium accounts only) can only be inserted one time and it comes at the beginning of the bidding […]

Step 4 of setting up a service module

Step 4: Finalizing the proposal: Step 4 is where you will setup the overarching details of how the proposals will be presented. In step 4 we will be setting up: If the area minimum should be set If the house size minimum should be set If a trip charge should be added to each quote If […]

How to Manually adjust a bid in ResponsiBid

Sometimes you will need to adjust a bid even though the calculations were done perfectly. It might be for a special circumstance for a customer, or it might be something that you need to account for on a job that wouldn’t be the norm. It could be offering the customer a discount. In any event, […]