In this video we demonstrate how to give a quote but not necessarily have to enter in certain pieces of information regarding the structure if the quote doesn’t need it to calculate the bid. Keep in mind that even though the video doesn’t cover this… the call screen is ALWAYS set to always ask for this information, but doesn’t require it.

In this video you will see:

  1. How to determine what you want to collect from your website in terms of building description.
  2. How to make things required, optional, or just skip building size.
  3. What the customer experience on your website would be based on those options.
  4. How ResponsiBid determines if it needs to know the criteria based on a module’s requirements.

In this video we do no not cover the call screen, but as usual, the call screen will allow you to enter in as much information as you want, but not require it. So even if you don’t ask your customer for this information on the website, it will still be an option within the call screen.