The smart form is available to all users. Deluxe and Premium customers have more customization options, but this is the form that is the backbone of what ResponsiBid can do.

The Smart Form is excellent because it allows the employee or customer (if you install it on your website) to convert specifications about a job into a proposal.

When installed on your website, the Smart Form will take up more space to fill content areas for giving bids. Most people would dedicate a whole page to the “Instant Bid” feature, and then put buttons on all other pages and a spot in the navigation of the website that direct customers to it.

Although the form stays as short as possible by only asking for necessary information as customers go though it, it can grow to be longer if the customer asks for a few services in the proposal.

To test out the “Smart Form”, simply click on “Use Smart Form” in the left sidebar of the admin area.

Once you are happy with how it works, and the prices it gives, you are ready to install it onto your website if you like.