Company Setup

In-Depth Tutorial of Preburner

Get your PhD in Preburner Beta and how it works. You’ll see how everything interacts with each other, how to collaborate with team members on your applicants, and how to collect video responses in your job applications. Build your own customized job application forms, then decide if you want to have your applicants submit video […]

Setting up follow-up within a campaign

Learn how to really setup the automation to make your follow-up with candidates really incredible. This is a 20 minute video, but it takes you through a real-world example of setting it up and then connects the dots on how you would interact with it as you use your creation in your workflow.

Creating a new campaign

First, let’s define what a campaign is: A “Campaign” is the process that you will ask applicants to follow in order to apply for a job. A campaign will have a lot of specific things that make it unique, but every campaign will have these things: A specific button / page that candidates can visit/click […]

Setting up your company

Login to your account and find the left navigation bar. This is where you can click on “Settings”. The following screen will appear, open up the “Company Settings” accordion: Enter your company information and make sure that everything is correct. Preburner may at times use this information to help make your life easier in other […]

Setup the emails that your follow-up builder uses

Once you are ready to start using the follow-up builder inside of each campaign, you will be excited to be able to send emails to each of your candidates using automation. This is where you will be able to tell Preburner which email addresses that you want to make available to the follow-up builder to […]

Your Main Dashboard

On your main dashboard you will see a representation of each of your campaigns and a place to create new campaigns. When you hover over the green “+” button you will see that you have several options to get directly into existing campaigns and the ability to create a new campaign by selecting the first […]