Here is a sample script to help you get some ideas on writing your own script for your video to show at the beginning of every proposal: Sample Template: Congratulations on getting a quote for our services. My name is [FIRST NAME] and I am the [COMPANY POSITION] here at [COMPANY NAME]. You’ll notice as […]

Video Sample Script: BID HELP VIDEO

Here is a sample script to help you get some ideas on writing your own script for your video to show as the customer as they are trying to figure out how to enter the specs for a certain module: Sample Template: Hi! My name is [FIRST NAME] and I am the [COMPANY POSITION] here […]

Using Videos in your Bids and Proposals

There are 4 types of videos you can integrate is video is one of the 4 kinds of video that you can place in your ResponsiBid bidding process: The “Introductory Sales Video” (Settings > Form Builder – Premium accounts only) can only be inserted one time and it comes at the beginning of the bidding […]

Step 2 of setting up a service module

Step 2: Disabling & enabling questions: By default there will always be questions that a customer will be asked in order to give the information necessary to get a quote. These questions are important to check the wording, spelling, and other hints to make sure that your demographic in your service area is able to understand […]

Webinar: Killer Follow-up Strategies

4/28/16: In this webinar we cover some best practices: Setting up email users/senders How to receive SMS messages from ResponsiBid as a user The 3 things you can do with each follow-up step Manually opting people in/out of follow-up Reconfiguring a scheduled job (restarting follow-up or not) Stopping follow-up for a customer Manually editing follow-up […]

Blind Cleaning after Legacy Migrations

When we moved your blind cleaning prices from the old system to the new one, we weren’t able to label each style the same exact way, so you may want to look at your call screen and see if you like it. The old way we presented it: This worked pretty well, but we wanted […]

Testing your module before launching

In this video you will learn a few things about testing your modules as you set them up. You will see how to fill out a test bid in the call screen. You will see the correlation between the steps that the customer would interact with as the specs are collected. You will see how […]

Notification email subjects

Go to: Settings > Company Profile Open up the Notification Email Subjects accordion. This will allow you to customize how notification emails will come in after each bid is complete or goes pending. This way you can choose to have the person’s name and service area within the subject line of the email if you choose.

Create new statuses

Creating custom statuses for your business and your specific needs is easy. Go to Settings > Follow-up Builder Click the green tab with a “+” to create a custom status. Once you do that, you can click the edit icon next to the newly created status. When you do, you’ll see the following things to edit: […]