Webhooks for leads into ResponsiBid

To create a webhook: Go to Settings > Installation > Webhook Leads Click green button “Create API Key” Name it, describe the use for it, and set an expiration if you don’t want it to work forever… otherwise leave the date as it is. Save changes Copy the API Token in the blue field and […]

Building your own custom lightbox buttons

In this video you will see how to allow your creativity to make the ResponsiBid lightbox feature with your own button design. The main points are: Your website MUST allow you to install HTML or Javascript. If the website type you have doesn’t allow this functionality you may need to reach out to them to […]

Using ResponsiBid if your website won’t allow you to install it directly

Sometimes a website builder is not going to allow HTML embeds… or javascript to install. But that’s OK! You can just make your “instant quote” button link directly to your ResponsiBid smartform. You can follow the instructions in this video to grab the actual page your ResponsiBid form is sourced from and take visitors there […]

Code Injection into The Smartform, Lightbox, & Proposal

In this video you will see how you can: See how to “hack” your smartform out of the regular ResponsiBid installation Create a standalone landing page by adding header and footer HTML into the form builder’s “code injection” Shorten a url of the hacked out form to make a prettier link Use the styling of […]

Installing ResponsiBid on your Website

This tutorial will teach you how to install ResponsiBid onto your website. The lightbox or the smart form! You can install this on as many websites & web pages as you like… and you will always be able to see what page someone was on when they fill it out. The basic button looks identical […]

Installing the lightbox (standard method)

When you’re done testing and you’re ready to put ResponsiBid out where your customers can access it, the lightbox is a nice way to install a button on every page that takes up very little space, but allows an actionable way for your customer to begin the quoting process. The “Standard install” will be the […]