There are 4 types of videos you can integrate is video is one of the 4 kinds of video that you can place in your ResponsiBid bidding process:

  1. The “Introductory Sales Video” (Settings > Form Builder – Premium accounts only) can only be inserted one time and it comes at the beginning of the bidding process for customers getting a bid on the website. Example here (Here’s a sample script for such a video)
  2. The “Bid Help Videos” (Settings > Services – Step 2 of any service module – all ResponsiBid accounts) can be inserted into virtually any bidding module and will allow you to place videos into the actual area where customers would be putting in their information for each specific module. You may decide to make a specific one for each of your modules to coach your customer through a process to make it easier for them to understand how to fill out the bid with their specifications about their project. Once you put those videos in, it will be available to anyone filling out a bid for that specific module. If you think it would be unnecessary, as with any of the videos, you can simply disable it. Example here (Here’s a sample script for such a video)
  3. The “Proposal Heading Video” (Settings > Company Profile – In the Proposal Builder Section – Premium accounts only) is a single video that will show at the top of each proposal where you can personally thank the customer for filling out the bid and re-iterate how great it will be for them to do business with you. All the videos will work best if they are short, but this one should probably be under 1 minute. Example here (Here’s a sample script for such a video)
  4. The Package Sales Videos” (Settings > Services – Step 1 of any service module – all ResponsiBid accounts) is specific to each module that your company uses. It’s your opportunity to use a video to “visit” with each customer and explain the package in terms that you would if you were selling the job face to face. While you can insert one video per module, only the videos that go with the bids the customer received will show in their custom proposals along with their presentation of pricing for that module. Example here (Here’s a sample script for such a video)

How to install your video

The first thing you’ll need to do is upload your company’s custom video to YouTube or Vimeo. 

Then you will simply get the ID of the video (as pictured below) and paste it into the proper spot in ResponsiBid. Be sure to enable the video and choose the proper video service from the dropdown menu. ResponsiBid will take care of it from there.



Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.21.50 PM


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.24.46 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.25.40 PM

To use this feature, make sure it is not disabled.

(Settings > Form Builder – Premium accounts only)

  1. Build your initial personal connection with a customer.
  2. Market the specific things about your company that make you better than the competition.
  3. Explain the process that they will be going through in ResponsiBid.
  4. Build your brand in the eyes of a prospect.
  5. You can also speak to your current clients and let them know that it is probably unnecessary that they go through this process since you’ll have everything you need on file for them.

We hope you love this personal touch to automating your bidding process and the implications of personalizing a quote to be even better than your previous in-person quotes, considering that your proposals can now convey maximum information to the person getting a quote, and shareable with spouses and co-workers— and a great up-beat video will pay dividends for years to come.

(Settings > Services – Step 2 of any service module – all ResponsiBid accounts)

  1. Help the customer understand how to fill out the bid.
  2. Educate on some of the gotchas.
  3. Possibly explain why you are requesting certain information.
  4. Give the prospect a reason to continue on with the quote and build trust.

This can make filling out the quote much easier for the customer who doesn’t work in the industry, but empowers them to feel knowledgeable enough to count things or describe things with a new understanding. We do recommend that you keep this video as short as possible, but remember that as long as you’re sharing good information with your customer, and you do it with energy and expertness, they will stick with you for a reasonable amount of time.

Remember that your customer is still building trust with you. While we don’t recommend using these help videos for direct sales/marketing of your brand, inevitably these videos level of professionalism and your attitude on camera will convey an unspoken sales benefit while also building the necessary trust for them to ultimately use your company. Remember the more specific you make these videos to your company the better off you’ll be.

(Settings > Company Profile – In the Proposal Builder Section – Premium accounts only)

  1. Thank the customer for getting a quote.
  2. Frame as much value in doing business with your company as possible.
  3. Sell the customer on why this quote is the only quote they need.

ResponsiBid allows you to frame a proposal before showing pricing and explain in this Proposal heading video. This is a premium feature in ResponsiBid and can be found by clicking on the settings menu and then going into your company profile and turning this video on inside of your proposal builder.

We recommend that you keep all videos as short as possible, but this one is probably best if you keep it under a minute.

(Settings > Services – Step 1 of any service module – all ResponsiBid accounts)

  1. Sell your packages.
  2. Compare and contrast your packages.
  3. Explain how there is no need to find another solution since every solution they will most likely need is right there.
  4. Help underscore the value of each package and why getting a bid from another company would not be a true comparison.

The option to use this video feature is included inside of each module you setup for your company. You’ll see that in step 1 of the module customization sequence next to where you setup each of the value propositions listed below. Determine if you want this video to show before or after the packages and pricing. You will have the option to turn on this feature and place in your own video. It’s a powerful way to be right in front of your customer to give your perfect sales pitch right when they are deciding which of your services they are going to go with. It’s as if you can sell to your customer face to face, whenever they are most interested in making a decision about what to get done. Or— if they are reviewing your proposal with a spouse or co-worker, you will even have a chance to have that discussion with other decision makers that may not have been available when the original quote was presented.

It’s pretty neat to be able to personalize the proposal to this degree in any situation— but especially when you have automated the process to the degree that ResponsiBid allows. You can now be this personal with your customers when giving bids over the phone, from your technicians out in the field, or even right from your website.

Happy ResponsiBidding!